Press Releases


Introducing Catalyst Coding

Catalyst is super excited to announce our newest subdivision, Catalyst Coding!

Catalyst For Success Plans to Launch STEM For Them

Today, we are proud to announce that we plan to launch STEM for Them, a new lab kit program. Catalyst For Success has been driven by the mission to improve the state of STEM education in this country. To date, we have done this through our science magic shows and our hands on labs. We have already become an integral part of many school’s science programs and are happy to see a difference being made in every classroom we work with. We have been working hard to find new ways to further our cause and we think we have found the solution. After speaking with many teachers and administrators, we have found a need for an individualized lab kit program. The concept is that we will produce lab kits that come equip with everything a teacher needs to conduct a science lab. These kits will have the materials, lesson plans, and a Youtube video guide included so that all teacher needs to do is open the box, and distribute the materials. Over the next few months we will be working hard to develop the first batch of this new product and testing them out at various schools. We hope that in the long term, these kits can be a part of every classroom in America. Catalyst is currently seeking grants or donations to fund what we think will become our most impactful program.

Catalyst for Success Introduces Computer Science to its Curriculum

The organization, along with the Westview Catalyst Chapter, teamed up with Microsoft Research’s TouchDevelop program to provide interactive tutorials on basic programming for younger children. TouchDevelop is an interactive development environment, specializing in programming. The software helps students to learn basic programing skills by employing a basic coding system that requires no prior knowledge of coding convention. Young students are able to create games and see how their actions make their games work, and of course, play the game once they finish.

Catalyst for Success Welcomes New Members

Catalyst for Success welcomed 22 new members to the nonprofit organization last week. The new members, mostly juniors and sophomores from Westview High, will focus on classroom work and taking over the duties of senior members who will be leaving at the end of the year. All of the new recruits are passionate about bringing science to younger kids because they love science themselves. The older students and current leaders of Catalyst look forward to the opportunity to work with and train the next generation. Upcoming months will be spent teaching new members how to accomplish diverse functions of the Catalyst organization, from working with technology to working with teachers and students.

Catalyst Partners with SDUSD; Expands Reach

Catalyst For Success is proud to announce a new partnership with the San Diego Unified School District. After meeting with leaders of the organization, district officials were excited about the prospect of bringing the Catalyst Program into their schools. Science Program Manager Don Whisman gave his support and recommendation to the teachers of the district, and was vital to the success of the enterprise.