1 Month: 1000 Students

Posted by: admin 4 years ago

February 22, 2013 - With the latest “magic” show at Cherokee Point Elementary School, Catalyst for Success has performed for over 1000 kids overall with an audience of over 600 kids at Cherokee Point alone. This is the largest audience for which Catalyst has performed. In under three short weeks, Catalyst for Success has already performed for over 1000 kids, more than we had initially expected for our entire first year! It was also the very first time that Catalyst for Success has performed for a school outside of the Poway Unified School District. Cherokee Point Elementary School is part of the San Diego School District and is located downtown. Many of the students in this school have gone through struggles, including coming from low income families. In fact, nearly all of the students qualify for the free lunch program. Following the performance, Catalyst CEO Jason Ge remarked that "without the show we put on today, most of the students here would not have the opportunity to experience science away from the textbook."

The principal of Cherokee Point Elementary, Godwin Higa, had nothing but praise for the organization, “I think one of the most inspirational things we could have is students presenting to students so that [younger kids] know that there’s a chance in their education [to get involved].” The children were bursting with excitement, volunteering at every opportunity. From the exploding hydrogen balloon at the start to the chemistry explanations at the end, they couldn’t tear their eyes away. Tina Quach, Catalyst’s Director of Internal Affairs, presented the show for the first time at Cherokee Point! She mentioned that she felt proud when “[the children] came up to ask questions about the science and expressed a lot of interest; it made me feel like we accomplished our goal!”

Catalyst has scheduled events to perform for over 6,000 students by the end of the school year, and the number of students continues to grow each week. As the volume of performances increases exponentially, members across all departments, including Communications, Administration, and Technology, have been training to perform shows and handle chemicals. Within a few months, Catalyst hopes to have every member trained and ready to keep up with the busy schedule. In addition, Catalyst has begun designing curriculum for its after school science program. The after school science program will begin mid-March with classes designed to allow students to create and execute their own experiments.

About Catalyst for Success:

As STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education receives greater attention globally, Catalyst for Success aims to introduce the more captivating and interesting side of science to young students through chemistry “magic” shows, demonstrations of simple chemistry experiments pitched as magic. As a follow up to these assemblies, Catalyst organizes “hands on” after school science programs to give students a more personal interaction with scientific concepts and experiments. Catalyst for Success is a 501-3(c) non-for profit. The Science Education Division is entirely student run.