5 weeks, 5 schools, 3000 students

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March 8, 2013 - With Catalyst’s latest shows at Feaster Charter Elementary School, the organization has officially reached 3000 students total. In just 34 days, Catalyst has performed for over 3000 students, showcasing science experiments on a scale more than double the organization’s initial estimates. There were four shows at Feaster Charter, the first for fifth and sixth graders, the second for kindergarteners, the third for first and second graders, and the fourth for third and fourth graders. During the fourth show, Erik Owen, Catalyst’s Chief Administrative Officer, assumed the role of speaker for the first time. The other members at the shows include Jason Ge, Peter Nasielski, Cameron Ramos, and Tina Quach. Besides performing for over 1100 students (the largest audience Catalyst has had at a single school), the team also performed for a potential sponsor. Christopher Hamilton, a member of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce Education Committee and CEO of Summa Education, was at Feaster to watch the performance. Following the show, Mr. Hamilton expressed his excitement and congratulated the organization on a successful performance. Jason Ge, CEO, stated that it’s “just mind boggling” that Catalyst has already reached 3000 students through the magic shows in under 5 weeks.


Feaster Charter Elementary School is a title 1 low income school currently overhauling its curriculum to focus more on STEM education. Although Feaster is a low income school, Reginald Depass, Director of Finance and School Operations at Feaster Charter, explained that rather than letting that be a "drawback, [the school] uses it as an opportunity to provide as much as it can for [its] students"


Depass also mentioned, “For all I know, we may have the next Einstein in one of these 1100 kids, you just have to tap into what they have.” The kids were extremely enthusiastic about participating; Sarah Motsinger, Associate Principal of Feaster Charter, enthused, “I know the kids loved it…[they] were more excited than I have seen them in a long time.” Wanting detailed explanations about what had actually happened, many kids asked questions at the end of the shows. Their curiosity and inquiry was already utilizing part of the scientific method! At the end of the show, many of the students also came up to the members to ask questions: “Can we do these experiments at home too?”, “Where can we get the hydrogen balloons”, “Are you guys going to come back to teach us?” With the new after school programs starting at the elementary schools, Catalyst for Success aims to cultivate a long term passion for science in these children and inspire the next generation’s scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.


About Catalyst for Success:


As STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education receives greater attention globally, Catalyst for Success aims to introduce the more captivating and interesting side of science to young students through chemistry “magic” shows, demonstrations of simple chemistry experiments pitched as magic. As a follow up to these assemblies, Catalyst organizes “hands on” after school science programs to give students a more personal interaction with scientific concepts and experiments. Catalyst for Success is a 501-3(c) non-for profit. The Science Education Division is entirely student run.