Press Releases


Catalyst expands, prioritizes teaching

By Tara Ghai, staff writer, The Nexus

Catalyst Partners with River Valley Charter School

Catalyst is proud to announce a new chapter of Catalyst 4 Success has been opened at River Valley Charter School. This particular chapter will be structured as a class with a biweekly meetings and students receiving elective credits upon completion. River Valley’s science coordinator, Stephen Hunsberger will be teaching the class.

Catalyst has always been about teaching kids skills that they can use all their life, but this doesn't stop with the ones we try to inspire. High Schoolers can learn so much from their experience with Catalyst, and a class environment like this can serve to augment that two way education. This will be the first Catalyst chapter receiving actual school credit for their community work, and its success will set a precedent for future chapters. The first chapters have all been organized as clubs, but with new chapters such as River Valley piloting a new program into our organization, working even more closely with schools and districts we can more closely format our services exactly with what is needed. We hope this will mean a more collaboration and integration of our program and the educational system we want to supplement.

Good luck to River Valley!

Advances in Tech: Programming is Magical

Through this summer and launching soon into the new school year, Catalyst For Success continues on Jason Ge’s vision of inspiration and passion in the STEM fields.

Senior Press Release

As the school year draws to a close, the senior class of members of Catalyst for Success are preparing to leave high school and begin a new journey at universities across the nation. The 18 graduating seniors will be attending schools in 5 different states and will pursue degrees ranging from Public Policy to Chemical Engineering. Graduating members will be attending colleges including Harvard, Stanford, Pomona, UC Berkeley, UPenn, and MIT. Also, members have been accepted into accelerated 7-year medical programs, full ROTC scholarships, as well as selective leadership programs at their respective schools. We could not be prouder of the great accomplishments our seniors have acheived both on and off the Catalyst "field". We know our new alumni class will go on to do many wonderful things and we thank them for their commitment and passion to promoting STEM education through Catalyst For Success. The Catalyst website member page has been updated with an Alumni section that includes a complete list of universities: (note: Jason Ge and Cameron Ramos are not listed as alumni because they will be continuing their involvement with Catalyst For Success; they will be attending Harvard and Stanford, respectively) 

Catalyst is Recognized by PUSD Board of Education

March 15, 2013 - Catalyst for Success has reached out to 3000 kids in 34 days, set up a hands-on after school program at one school, and performed magic shows for five. On March 11, 2013, Catalyst for Success was officially recognized by the Poway Unified School Board. Four Catalyst members, Jason Ge, Erik Owen, Cameron Ramos, and Tina Quach, attended the board meeting and got a chance to speak with Westview principal Todd Cassen and other board members. After the principal’s introduction, Jason spoke briefly about the organization and its accomplishments. He also showed the board a short video demo (which can also be found on Catalyst’s youtube page). The group also showcased a few experiments (two exploding hydrogen balloons and one color change reaction). The performance was met with applause, even capturing the interest of student council members who stayed behind to watch the show.