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5 weeks, 5 schools, 3000 students

March 8, 2013 - With Catalyst’s latest shows at Feaster Charter Elementary School, the organization has officially reached 3000 students total. In just 34 days, Catalyst has performed for over 3000 students, showcasing science experiments on a scale more than double the organization’s initial estimates. There were four shows at Feaster Charter, the first for fifth and sixth graders, the second for kindergarteners, the third for first and second graders, and the fourth for third and fourth graders. During the fourth show, Erik Owen, Catalyst’s Chief Administrative Officer, assumed the role of speaker for the first time. The other members at the shows include Jason Ge, Peter Nasielski, Cameron Ramos, and Tina Quach. Besides performing for over 1100 students (the largest audience Catalyst has had at a single school), the team also performed for a potential sponsor. Christopher Hamilton, a member of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce Education Committee and CEO of Summa Education, was at Feaster to watch the performance. Following the show, Mr. Hamilton expressed his excitement and congratulated the organization on a successful performance. Jason Ge, CEO, stated that it’s “just mind boggling” that Catalyst has already reached 3000 students through the magic shows in under 5 weeks.

1 Month: 1000 Students

February 22, 2013 - With the latest “magic” show at Cherokee Point Elementary School, Catalyst for Success has performed for over 1000 kids overall with an audience of over 600 kids at Cherokee Point alone. This is the largest audience for which Catalyst has performed. In under three short weeks, Catalyst for Success has already performed for over 1000 kids, more than we had initially expected for our entire first year! It was also the very first time that Catalyst for Success has performed for a school outside of the Poway Unified School District. Cherokee Point Elementary School is part of the San Diego School District and is located downtown. Many of the students in this school have gone through struggles, including coming from low income families. In fact, nearly all of the students qualify for the free lunch program. Following the performance, Catalyst CEO Jason Ge remarked that "without the show we put on today, most of the students here would not have the opportunity to experience science away from the textbook."

UCSD Chancellor Emerita Marye Anne Fox Joins Catalyst Advisory Board

October 1, 2013 - Catalyst for Success is proud to welcome Dr. Fox to our organization. After discussions about education with CEO Jason Ge, Chancellor Fox agreed to join Catalyst's Advisory Board. Her expertise, vision, and leadership will be highly valued in this organization. 

New Year, New Experiments, New Chapters, No Stopping

As the 2013-2014 school year begins, Catalyst for Success is proud to announce its successful endeavors over the summer months. Starting in June, the organization launched its Research and Development Department, which was created to design new experiments for use in shows and hands-on activities. As a new dimension to the organization.s operations, members now propose and test new show and hands on experiments weekly, judging viability individually. Research and Development pays careful attention to each experiment.s educational and inspirational value, the way a young student responds to a demonstration is vital in ensuring the organization.s efficacy. As a result of summer testing sessions, Catalyst for Success has created a new subset of diverse hands-on experiments that help demonstrate introductory concepts in fields ranging from biology to computer science. In the coming year, the organization will begin incorporating .Next Generation. science standards in its science education curriculum. These exciting new additions to the Catalyst experience will be unveiled in upcoming shows and hands-on sessions. 

Catalyst welcomes First County Official to Advisory Board - 9/13/13

This week, catalyst for success welcomes San Diego County Supervisor, Diane Jacob, to the organization as an honorary member of the advisory board.