Catalyst for Success Introduces Computer Science to its Curriculum

Posted by: admin 2 years, 9 months ago

The organization, along with the Westview Catalyst Chapter, teamed up with Microsoft Research’s TouchDevelop program to provide interactive tutorials on basic programming for younger children. TouchDevelop is an interactive development environment, specializing in programming. The software helps students to learn basic programing skills by employing a basic coding system that requires no prior knowledge of coding convention. Young students are able to create games and see how their actions make their games work, and of course, play the game once they finish.

Microsoft graciously supplied Catalyst for Success with its Surface Pro tablets for elementary school students at the organization’s first Computer-Science-based event last Wednesday. The event took place at Adobe Bluffs Elementary where members from the organization and the chapter used the TouchDevelop app on the tablets to teach a combined class of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. “When we were putting this together, the enthusiasm from the teachers at Adobe Bluffs truly demonstrated how important and valued the program was to introduce students to computer science at a young age,” said Angelica Santos, a junior Research Associate who planned and attended the event.

Since the beginning, Catalyst for Success has been planning on adding Computer Science to its curriculum to expand the exposure on the rising topic that is popular in the industry. When given the hardware, the organization did not hesitate to share this topic with schools all over San Diego county. “It was great to see how creative all the kids were,” said Prathyush Katukojwala, a senior Director of Technology who also planned and taught the event, “The event really stressed divergent thinking compared to our other events.” Catalyst for Success is looking forward to creating new ways to introduce more computer science topics to students and implement recurring events on the Computer Science course with schools. This new curriculum has granted the opportunity for Catalyst for Success to help broaden its topics in implementing creative STEM thinking for students while also teaching them vital skills for an increasingly digital world."

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