Catalyst Partners with SDUSD; Expands Reach

Posted by: admin 2 years, 11 months ago

Catalyst For Success is proud to announce a new partnership with the San Diego Unified School District. After meeting with leaders of the organization, district officials were excited about the prospect of bringing the Catalyst Program into their schools. Science Program Manager Don Whisman gave his support and recommendation to the teachers of the district, and was vital to the success of the enterprise.

Since this partnership began just two months ago, Catalyst has already worked with over 30 classrooms from a dozen SDUSD schools, delivering groundbreaking hands on labs and science curriculum, with more schools signing on every day. Our volunteers have been hard at work clocking in over 300 on-site hours in San Diego Unified.

Our impact goes far beyond the numbers. Our events not only bring science to life for the students we serve, but catalyze a sense of public service among our dedicated volunteer force. While some students might enjoy our chemistry program and others might enjoy our engineering program, everyone leaves with a better appreciation for science. We are proud to see young students asking questions about the world around them. Our program is especially needed at the 10 addition title 1 schools that we have reached as a result of collaboration with San Diego Unified.

Catalyst for Success has now reached over 25,000 students, and conducted nearly 1,000 hands-on labs in hundreds of classrooms. More importantly, this new partnership has allowed our program to reach more students and hopefully inspire some of them to be a part of the new scientific revolution.

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