New Year, New Experiments, New Chapters, No Stopping

Posted by: admin 4 years, 2 months ago
As the 2013-2014 school year begins, Catalyst for Success is proud to announce its successful endeavors over the summer months. Starting in June, the organization launched its Research and Development Department, which was created to design new experiments for use in shows and hands-on activities. As a new dimension to the organization.s operations, members now propose and test new show and hands on experiments weekly, judging viability individually. Research and Development pays careful attention to each experiment.s educational and inspirational value, the way a young student responds to a demonstration is vital in ensuring the organization.s efficacy. As a result of summer testing sessions, Catalyst for Success has created a new subset of diverse hands-on experiments that help demonstrate introductory concepts in fields ranging from biology to computer science. In the coming year, the organization will begin incorporating .Next Generation. science standards in its science education curriculum. These exciting new additions to the Catalyst experience will be unveiled in upcoming shows and hands-on sessions. 

In addition to the creation of the Research and Development Department, Catalyst for Success also launched two new chapters over the summer; one at Del Norte High School, led by Sam Litrenta, and one at Rancho Bernardo High School, led by Gloria Chen. There is a lot of interest in Catalyst at both of these schools, which is beneficial to the organization.s goal to expand its scope. These new chapters will follow the same main objective as the Westview chapter: promote STEM education to young students in order to help get them interested in the world of science and technology. 

In order to get members familiar with the show and hands-on settings, several training sessions were held over the summer. During these training sessions, like one at the Rancho Penasquitos Public Library, the current members of Catalyst would perform a show for the new members, and then ask the new members to come up and replicate the demonstrations. The organization hopes that these training sessions will help prepare the new chapters for their own demonstrations and presentations in the near future.
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