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The Catalyst Team

  • Harsh Patel
    Admin at Del Norte

    Harsh Patel is a Senior attending Del Norte High School in San Diego. Taking part in Catalyst, he hopes to strenghten the future of younger students through the promotion of STEM and various hands-on activties. Through his hard and tireless work for the past 3 years, he hopes someday to attend an UC school and pursue a career in either engineering or politics/law. At school, he participates in activies such as Red Cross that helps him get involved in raising awareness for those in need of blood. He is actively part of a religious organization called BAPS, in which he goes to temple every Sunday and does charity work. On his free time, he loves to play and follow football and basketball with his friends and family.

  • Joshua Wang

    Joshua Wang is water polo player, swimmer and pianist. He has been a varsity starter for water polo all four years in high school and he has been a part of the varsity swim team since his freshman year. Along with his passion for sports, Joshua also shows an interest in STEM through the classes and activities he has participated in throughout his life. In middle school, he was part of Science Olympiad and he has taken 2 AP science courses as well as 2 AP math courses. He is currently taking two more AP sciences as well as another AP math course. Joshua co-founded and is currently the vice president of another club that visits nursing homes to talk to and accompany the residents. Joshua dedicates his time to these two clubs in order to serve the underrepresented demographics of children and elderly. He hopes that through his participation, he can bring life into the elderly's life and pave a pathway for the future of the children.



Be sure of check out some of the events we have hosted so far!

Hands On

Hands-On Experiments

The Del Norte Chapter will soon be doing hands-on experiments such as going from classroom to classroom to interact with students. We hope to inspire younger children of our generation to take interest in science experiments and we hope to increase district science standards.


Science Shows

Del Norte has held science shows with elementary and middle schools in school gyms and assembly halls. We hope to continue this to create a more interactive experience amongst the students.


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