Our Team

Jason Ge

Founder and CEO


Jason Ge is an avid tennis player, a piano enthusiast, and a passionate chemistry student. He is currently conducting research at the Scripps Research Institute and has learned up to graduate level organic, analytical, biological, and physical chemistry. Jason was recently named one of the top four chemistry students in the country and won a Silver Medal while representing the United States at the International Chemistry Olympiad. For his efforts, he has been recognized by countless organizations including the American Chemical Society, the Poway Unified School District Board of Education, and even the United States Senate. In addition, he serves as a board member of a private middle school, Lyceum Prep, developing innovative science curriculum. In 2013, Jason was appointed to the PUSD Superintendent's Advisory Committee to advise the district on a wide range of school-related issues. Jason founded Catalyst For Success in order to acheive his vision for an increase in science literacy and ultimately, an increase in the number of students that choose to enter the STEM fields.


Charles Wang



Charles is a senior at Westview High School and the President of Catalyst for Success. Having been introduced to the STEM field at an early age through supplemental school-supported programs, he is heavily invested in and aims to work in the STEM field. Having joined Catalyst 2 years ago and serving as the Westview Chapter's Secretary for the 2016-2017 year, his mission is to instill in children the same fascination with STEM that he found during his childhood. Charles also participates in Westview's band, swim team, and the athletic trainer team as well as serving  as the Treasurer for Music with Motion. Following his passion for helping others, Charles is currently pursuing a career in the medical field.

Karen Luu

Vice President


Karen Luu is a senior at Westview High School and the Vice President of Catalyst for Success with a passion for helping others. She hopes that her love for science will inspire the next generation to pursue a higher education in the STEM field. She is a proud member of Westview Bayanihan's executive team, and gives back to the community every weekend by volunteering at the Helen Woodward Animal Center and Sharp Memorial Hospital. Karen wishes to pursue a career in the medical field and looks forward to continuing to help others in the future.

Rebecca Miller

Director of Operations and Photography


Rebecca Miller is the Director of Operations for the Catalyst for Success Organization. She enjoys leading as Captain of Westview High School’s Color Guard which instilled her passion for inspiring others to pursue their dreams through hard work and determination. She wishes to obtain a career in STEM, possibly specializing in an environmental engineering major to aid the world in reaching an improved state. Her proactive stance leads her to believe that all children should be exposed to the wonders of science and promoted to learn about the world around them. She discovered much of herself through teaching and enjoys tutoring which contributes to her enthusiasm.


Ronak Shah

Director of Technology


Ronak Shah, a senior at Westview High School, is the current Director of Technology for Catalyst 4 Success. Ronak is an accomplished developer and designer, with over 9000 downloads on his apps in the app store. In addition, Ronak serves as the Vice President for Westview Cybersecurity, and is the Captain of the Varsity Cybersecurity team. He also is the President and Cofounder of San Diego Code, an organization that teaches programming to students in San Diego.

Research and Development

Christopher Liu

Director of Research and Development


Christopher Liu is a senior at Westview High School and the Director of Research and Development of Catalyst 4 Success. He has had a passion for science since he was a child, attending every science fair in his elementary school. Being impacted himself by hands-on experiments, Chris joined Catalyst 4 Success as a freshman to spread his love for science to aspiring kids. Being able to shows amazing demonstrations as well as being able to impart his knowledge he has gathered in his own pursuit of science made Catalyst 4 Success an organization Chris could really dedicate himself in. Chris is also a member of Tutoring our Tomorrows, having joined his freshman year, and has accrued a zeal for teaching others. His other activities include participating in Academic League and Science Olympiad, as well as playing the bass guitar in his free time. Chris is also a fervent Christian who regularly participates in his school and church's fellowship as well as his church's many ministries and worship team. In the future he hopes to pursue a career in the STEM field, most likely Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.



Natalie Chin

University of California, Berkeley

Natalie is attending UC Berkeley and has an interest in understanding the world around her. She is working towards combining STEM education with music at Fanfaire Foundation. As a passionate violinist and pianist, she serves as assistant principal at SDYS and plays in the Chamber Orchestra as well as MTAC Panel. She gives back to the community through various tutoring programs and works at HWAC, which initially sparked her interest in working with children. She hopes to continue reaching out to others through Catalyst.

Michael Oanta

University of California, Berkeley

Michael Oanta was the Vice President of the Catalyst for Success Organization. A passion for helping others and a love for teaching young kids is what drove Michael to join Catalyst for Success his sophomore year and be an active member. His brother Alex Oanta was the President of the Westview chapter when Michael first joined, giving Michael a good view into the workings of Catalyst. After 2 years of involvement and helping out the executive board, Michael was admitted as the Vice President of the Catalyst for Success Organization. This enables Michael to have a more active and widespread role in expanding the Catalyst For Success Organization, and teaching kids about STEM education, whether it be on the East or West coast.

Heidi Erwin

Brown University

Heidi Erwin was the Director of Operations at Catalyst 4 Success. She now attends Brown University. She aims to instill a curious spirit in younger students through Catalyst for Success, and has worked with Morning Creek Elementary to establish the Science Sleepover for Girls, combining traditionally feminine activities with physics and chemistry to foster an interest in STEM among young girls. Although she does enjoy the logical thinking of laboratory sciences, she finds creative outlets as the president of Westview’s Comic Writing and Production Club and the cofounder of a cultural modeling group. Heidi plans to pursue a career in computer science and looks forward to combining the innovative with the technical; she hopes that her work with Catalyst encourages the next generation to do the same.

Jordan Ramos

Columbia University

Jordan Ramos was the Director of Programs of Catalyst for Success. He became inspired with STEM at a young age through computer science, and now has a passion for motivating children to pursue a higher education. Jordan works to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with school and district administration in Catalyst for Success. He also serves as the treasurer for Westview Robotics, an organization that hosts FLL Junior Expos and STEM Workshops to inspire younger students through hands-on robotics activities. Jordan is also the president of Westview’s Mexican Association of Students, providing a forum where students can discuss Mexican politics and culture in a non-discriminatory setting. With a passion for writing and programming, Jordan wishes to pursue a career in computer science while still providing contributions to Catalyst in order to inspire the next generation of scientists.

George Troulis

University of California, San Diego

Having lived in Greece for 7 years, George Troulis now attends the University of California, San Diego. His passion for Engineering and Technology, as well as his natural talent for teaching, has lead him to teach advanced electrical engineering and software skills to newer students in Westview's Robotics team, as the Project Manager for the team's Computer Vision track. He is currently the President of Westview's Cyber Security club, which he also passionately attends in order to further his skills in the cyber security areas of computer science. When he is not (pointlessly) trying to hack into stuff, George also enjoys building analog electronic circuits, and he sometimes integrates them with software using his beloved Arduino Microcontroller. He is currently the website maintainer for Catalyst For Success, hoping to make noticeable contributions to the organization and to inspire amazing young minds to become engineers or scientists of sorts.

Brandon Nguyen

University of California, San Diego

Brandon Nguyen is a diligent student with focuses in mathematics and science, especially physics. He hopes to pursue an engineering career somewhere in the space industry, perhaps at NASA or at a private space company such as SpaceX or Orbital Sciences. His hobbies include reading science-fiction and nonfiction, and stargazing. He has experience in community service through tutoring and especially enjoys teaching math and science. Through Catalyst for Success, he gets to enjoy teaching these subjects even more to children and inspiring them to become the next generation of scientists just as he hopes to be.

Shirley Zhang

Shirley Zhang, a senior at Westview High School, is a dedicated student in a variety of subjects, including history, science, and writing. Shirley is a proud member of many clubs and organizations on campus, such as NHS, CSF, Key Club and Westview Breast Cancer Club. She has been involved in art and music since childhood and has a passion in painting, sketching, and playing the piano and guitar. Shirley has been involved in numerous volunteer programs, such as Feeding America, and participated in many walks and fundraisers. For the past year, she has been involved with summer programs that help enrich children in math, language, and art. Shirley is a high achieving individual that has successfully balanced leadership positions, volunteering, and extracurricular activities, all the while excelling in rigorous college-level courses in school. She looks forward to making diverse connections and friendships through Catalyst.

Emmit Pert

University of Virginia

 After making top 50 for the National Chemistry Olympiad, Emmit became a leader n Catalyst to bring his love for science to more students. He is one of the co-presidents of mock trial and competes for his school’s Academic League team. Emmit also spreads his love for science by coaching middle and high school Science Olympiad when he is not competing. When he’s not in the library studying for chemistry or reading a book, you might find Emmit in the pool playing water polo for Westview High School or tending to his Bonsai tree. Outside of school, Emmit has earned his Eagle Scout award for a conservation project to aid burrowing owls, a reflection on his love for all things avian.

Karen Ni

University of California, Berkeley

Karen Ni is a freshman at UC Berkeley. She is currently pursuing her dream in Art Practice and plans to double major in Linguistics or Legal Studies. Through the organization and the Westview chapter, she served in leadership in Catalyst throughout her four years in high school. She hopes to continue to encourage others to pursue a liberal arts education that can give them exposure to STEM alongside the humanities. 

Jacqui Guy

University of California, San Diego

Jacqueline Guy has a love for chemistry and a passion for understanding the world around her. She was lucky enough to attend the COSMOS program at UCSD, giving her new, practical applications of the vague and frightening scientific concepts relayed in the classroom. She is the principal lighting designer for Westview’s theater company, enabling her to experiment and create new environments out of tangible objects; her creativity also manifests in a violin career both within and beyond school boundaries. Jacqueline appreciates the significance of sparking passion in society’s younger members: this makes her grateful for the opportunity Catalyst for Success presents. She is also involved in the leadership of Tri-M, a group that performs music throughout the community, and the recruiting division of her high school orchestra, which focuses in heightening the interests of younger musicians. In the future she hopes to pursue a degree in chemistry and biochemistry on the east coast or abroad, and to play violin for the rest of her life.

Jackie Gronotte

San Diego State University

Jackie is currently a student at San Diego State University studying Computer Science. In high school, she was an active member of Catalyst for Success, National Honor Society and Westview Dance Troupe. Although she is no longer dancing competitively, she is currently a member of the Alpha Phi sorority at school and dances as much as she can in her spare time. Jackie has always loved science, especially through Catalyst for Success, and is looking forward to pursuing a career in the field.

Mark Nasielski

University of California, Los Angeles

Mark Nasielski is a passionate and committed student who is involved in many activities involving his various interests. Mark has been a member of varsity teams in both Science Olympiad and Academic League. He also is a dedicated athlete who devotes much of his time to the sport of volleyball, as a current member of Westview's varsity team. Outside of school activities, Mark also shows interest in the realm of music as a self-taught guitar player. In addition, Mark has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and enjoys spending time in the outdoors engaging in camping and hiking. Mark hopes to pursue a career in engineering and is excited to share his fondness for science through Catalyst for Success. 

Angelica Santos

University of California, Berkely

Angelica is a freshman at UC Berkeley. She is currently studying Environmental Science, and hopes to minor in either Computer Science or the Filipino language. But to be honest, she has no idea what she is doing with her life and is probably procrastinating at this very moment.

Siobhan Garry

University of California, Berkeley

Siobhan is currently a freshman at UC Berkeley studying Bioengineering. Previously the Westview Chapter President, Siobhan had a lot of wonderful experiences in Catalyst and developed many transferable skills. At Cal, Siobhan is a part of the Unity House Theme Program, Engineering Scholars as Engaged Scholars, Homeless Student Union, and the Biomedical Engineering Society. Go Bears!

Prathyush Katukojwala

University of California, Los Angeles

Prathyush studies Computer Science and Engineering at UCLA. He previously served as the Director of Technology where he led the development of the website, worked with Microsoft to bring TouchDevelop to students through Catalyst, and performed administrative duties such as event scheduling. In high school, he pursued his passion in the STEM field through clubs such as robotics, cybersecurity, Science Olympiad and more.

Edward Liang

University of California, San Diego

Edward Liang currently attends University of California, San Diego. In addition to what he learns at school, he entrenches himself in deep studies of the darkest arts of science for the greater good, glory and progress of humanity during his spare time. His distractions from his work on deciphering the mysteries of the universe and ascertaining the true meaning of life include a side project in building a robot army to take over the world, dreaming of dolphins, and just really trying to figure out what's actually going on out there. He hopes to live to see and help work towards the Singularity and human colonization of space, but mostly looks forward to the invention of time-dilation so he can actually get something done.

Sienna Gough

Yale University

Sienna Gough is a leader in the classroom, in the community, and in the arts. Her love of learning has helped her excel throughout a challenging, diverse educational curriculum, including university coursework. She has a deep family background in engineering and mathematics, is an accomplished presenter, and has interests in business, current events, the performing arts, as well as a keen sense of style. Sienna has been recognized in the Westview Honor Chain and National Hispanic Program. She was also appointed to the PUSD Superintendent's Advisory Committee to advise the district on a wide range of school-related issues.  Her officerships include Catalyst for Success president, CSF secretary, and captain of the National Champion Westview Dance Troupe. Dancing competitively since pre-school at various studios prepared her to juggle her schoolwork with the intensive yearly Dance Troupe competitions and concerts. She was a three-year cup winner at various national championships, and has creatively choreographed many routines for the Westview Dance Troupe. Sienna plans to double major in economics and statistics at an intellectually challenging university. Her long-term goal is to promote learning and inspire others to achieve their dreams.

Nicholas Wu

Santa Clara University

Nicholas Wu is a diligent student looking to pursue a career in science and/or engineering. Some of his favorite subjects include science and math, with a special fascination with chemistry. He is a part of the Westview Key Club, Robotics Club, Chemistry Club, JOURNYS(Journal of Youths in Science) and the HUMEC Tutoring Club, all of which he hopes to become a bigger part of as he moves forward. Aside from his passion for learning, Nicholas enjoys playing basketball, reading, and yoyoing in his free time. He looks forward to continuing to learn even more about different types of science as he continues his career at Westview.

Kevin Lee

University of California, San Diego

Kevin L. is a freshman undergraduate in the University of California, San Diego. Besides pursuing a degree in Chemistry, he is also interested in many other facets of life, including but not limited to Chinese Yoyo, Psychology and Ping-pong. He enjoys helping others, volunteering for various organizations around San Diego including Tzu Chi and the Food Bank. Kevin aspires to become an Elementary or Middle School teacher in the future, bringing his knowledge to as many kids as possible. By participating in programs such as Catalyst for Success and AID Summer, he's been able to live out his dream.

Cameron Ramos

Senior Advisor (Stanford)


Cameron currently studies Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University. He enjoys playing tennis and brief moments of exuberance when his code compiles. Cameron previously served as Catalyst's Chief Operations Officer, where he worked to manage new high school chapters and and led development of new science education curriculum through Catalyst's Research and Development department. Through both FIRST robotics and Catalyst, Cameron has shared his love for science and engineering with students across San Diego. He continues to advise the organization today on growth and sustainability planning.

Kaley Powers

University of California, Los Angeles

Kaley Powers is a dedicated student who aims to pursue a career in zoology. She has been interested in science since a young age, having earned several high-ranked awards in her 3 years of Science Olympiad. She is also a loyal animal activist and volunteers at the San Diego Humane Society as a Dog Buddy and Cat Companion, working with adoptable cats and dogs to prepare them for a new home. Also an avid musician and artist, she enjoys many mediums of art, is a singer, and has played the piano since the age of 3. She is a member of CSF and enjoys swimming, skiing, and watching science and nature documentaries.

Willie Wu

University of California, Los Angeles

Willie Wu is interested in science as not merely an academic field, but as way to change the world. He is mostly interested in biomedical subjects such as genetics and evolution but takes interest in everything from astronomy to geology. Willie volunteers at Scripps Memorial Hospital as well taking part in many academic competitions at Westview, such as Science Olympiad and Quizbowl. He is also a member of the Westview Robotics team and the Vice President of the Westview Chess Club.

Sampreeti Chowdhuri

University of Southern California

Sampreeti Chowdhuri dedicates much of her time to her passion of studying the sciences. She is a member of Westview's Science Olympiad team and has placed in the top 6 in her events at the State level Science Olympiad Division C Competition during her freshman and sophomore years, as well as at the Division B State competition in 8th grade. Sampreeti is also an active member of Westview's Quizbowl team. In her free time she enjoys singing, playing piano, and volunteering at the VA Hospital. Someday, she aspires to study biotechnology and become a bioengineer.

Chris Zhang

University of California, Los Angeles

Chris Zhang, a senior at Westview High school hopes to pursue a career in the fields of chemistry or biology or perhaps physics. He enjoys running for track and field and playing ping pong with his friends in his free time. He partakes in community service clubs such as Key Club and CSF and hopes to help the community as well as bettering himself.

Eric Lu

Purdue University

Eric Lu, a senior at Westview High School, enjoys learning about science and technology inside and outside of school. He is an events officer for Interact Club and the vice president of Chess Club. Eric plays on the tennis team and is an active participant in Westview Robotics. His hobbies include mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking.

Keming Kao

University of California, Berkeley

Keming Kao, a senior at Westview High School, displays dedication to the sciences as well as delicacy for the arts. He has considered computer science/engineering as a career, placing 1st at the San Diego Mayor's Cup Cyber Competition and competing in science/math competitions since fifth grade. While Keming digs away at the rigor of science, his heart lies in piano. Having twelve years of experience, he performs around San Diego and is on MTAC Panel. He is currently co-president of Westview's APES Tutoring Club and is an active member of Cybersecurity, Science Olympiad, Robotics, and is also a junior counselor at the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter. With much experience in tutoring and promoting animal science for younger students, he hopes to heighten awareness in STEM related areas for all.

Michael Yitayew

Columbia University

Michael Yitayew, a senior at Westview High School, is a dedicated student and a passionate athlete. Outside of challenging himself with his interest in the field of engineering, Michael also enjoys developing his leadership skills. As a member of ASB (Associated Student Body), Michael has represented his class as Junior and Senior Class President. He enjoys serving his classmates and school and is the current Peer Counseling President on campus (a club dedicated to students helping other students with academic and social issues). In 2013, Michael was selected to represent Westview on the PUSD Superintendent.s Advisory Committee to inform the school board on the cultural and academic aspects of his school. Outside of the classroom, Michael is a tri-sport athlete (Football, Soccer, and Track & Field) and enjoys coaching in Westview's Youth Football Program. As Varsity Football Team Captain, Michael hopes to lead his team to a league title this fall. In his free time, Michael enjoys exercising and going to the beach with his teammates and friends.

Solomon Liu

University of California, Berkeley

Solomon Liu, a senior at Westview High School, is an aspiring student with a focus in mathematics and science. He is the Secretary of the Westview APES Club, a student-made club dedicated to helping other students succeed in their classes. Solomon is also a member of the Westview Key Club, another club with an emphasis on helping others. His other activities include being a member of both the school Robotics and Tennis teams, as well as participating in the Chemistry Club.

Elizabeth Landau

Indiana University

She served as class president for both her freshman and sophomore years and currently serves as ASB President. Lizzie was selected to represent her school at the Hugh O.Brian Youth Leadership Southern California Conference in the Spring 2012. Recently, she was reelected to spend a second year on the board for the California Association of Student Leaders, serving as a Southern Director. It will be a huge honor now serving on CASL executive and hopefully achieving the position of a committee head. At school, Lizzie enjoys participating in Leadership, California Scholarship Federation, National Honor Society, and lacrosse.

Mary Zhao

Pomona College

Mary Zhao aspires to pursue a profession in the medical field. During the past two summer, she has volunteered for numerous hours at the Scripps Clinic in Carmel Valley. In her free time, Mary devotes countless hours to training and competing in national level tournaments for tennis as well as playing for her high school varsity tennis team. She also holds leadership positions in Interact, a volunteering club, and Make a Wish Club.

Siddhi Ramesh

University of Pennsylvania

Siddhi Ramesh is a science fanatic with future aspirations of becoming a doctor. In his free time, Siddhi volunteers countless hours at Palomar Hospital, and is currently teaching Science Olympiad at Black Mountain Middle School. He has also founded a branch of a nonprofit organization known as RISHI where he fundraises for impoverished, rural villages in India, trying to give others some of the privileges that he has come to enjoy.

Aseem Keyal

University of California, Berkeley

Aseem Keyal is an astounding intellectual who has garnered many achievements throughout the course of his magnificent lifetime. His hobbies include building websites, constructing computers, and administering servers. Other small achievements in Aseem's life are partaking in Quiz Bowl, Science Olympiad, and American Mathematics Competition. Aseem has also created this beautiful website before your eyes.(PS: Outdated Info!! D:< (Edward))

Rojin Sharaflary

Boston University

Rose Sharaflari is an avid chess player and has competed on the national level since 2nd grade. She enjoys programming and designing aircrafts, researching the biomedical and neurological science fields, and observing the stars in her free time. She has participated in Iran.s Astronomy Olympiads. She volunteers in data collecting in third world countries. She and her band write hard rock songs and are currently trying to introduce Farsi hard/metal rock.

William Jiang

University of California, San Diego

William Jiang, a senior at Westview High school is a dedicated basketball and volleyball player, an enthusiastic student, and a lover of helping others. He has gained experience with teaching and guiding younger students through volunteering opportunities over the summer and after-school programs. After his high school career, William is aiming for his Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) while consistently enforcing the importance of STEM education around the world.

Peter Nasielski

UC Davis

Peter Nasielski pursues interests in art and engineering. Peter is an Eagle Scout and volunteers frequently through Interact, NHS, and CSF. Peter also participates annually in Science Olympiad and is passionate about science and art. Peter hopes to follow a career in product design.

Jacob Zemper

UC Berkeley

Jacob Zemper is passionate about books, politics, and new discoveries. He is an Eagle Scout who seeks out opportunities to lead and help others, not just in his classes, but also in his Navy JROTC unit and his personal life. Jacob is involved in Key Club, CSF, and Youth Care Club and is a part of several teams, ranging from Track & Field to Robotics. In his free time, Jake likes to test his knowledge by competing in Quiz Bowl and Academic League events. Jake aspires to study engineering and law, and hopes to one day lead fellow Americans as an officer in the Navy.

Tina Quach


Tina Quach aims to become a biomedical engineer. In her free time, she enjoys aiding her peers in their studies. For the past two years, Tina has also volunteered at a summer art camp in which she devotedly helped children grow not only as artists, but as young men and women. An active member of Westview, she is also President of NFED (National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias) Club--playing a key role in raising awareness of the genetic disease.

Collin Barraugh

Claremont McKenna College

Collin Barraugh is a hardworking scholar as well as a committed athlete. Collin spends an average day studying for his multiple advanced placement classes so that one day he will have the knowledge and background to pursue a career in the medical field with an only increasing fervor. Outside of school, Collin enjoys participating in track and field and cross country as he takes pride in his athleticism and loves the family atmosphere of his team. In his free time, Collin also enjoys surfing, giving back to the communtiy, and tutoring future high school students so that one day they will be able to have a successful and meaningful high school experience just as Collin did.

Josh Shanes

University of California, Berkeley

Josh Shanes enjoys school, water polo, music, and many other things about life. Josh enjoys physics and calculus, among other non-boring subjects, very much, and loves to learn almost as much as his colleague, Cameron Ramos, loves space. Josh is an avid water polo player, and has won multiple national championships in recent years; he has also played for the Olympic Development water polo team. Josh loves helping people, and has accumulated over 300 hours of community service in the past few years by running food drives, coordinating events to help struggling military families, and more.

Kathy Kang

University of California, San Diego

Kathy Kang hopes to pursue a career in the medical field. She has a passion for both music and dance, having taken piano lessons for eight years and dance lessons for thirteen. Kathy has also performed in numerous productions with the Southern California Ballet. For the past two summers, Kathy has attended ballet intensives at California State Summer School for the Arts and Marin Dance Theatre. Kathy actively participates in clubs like NFED (National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias) and is also a member of Link Crew, a select group of students that helps freshmen adjust to high school.

Chris Rogers-Spatuzzi

University of Maryland at College Park

Chris Rogers-Spatuzzi is a hardworking student with passions for writing, history, and science. He is a staff writer for The Nexus, Westview's student newspaper. His other interests include sports, geography, and architecture. Chris enjoys volunteering and making a difference in the community in whatever way possible. He hopes to attend college and study architecture.

Erik Owen

Harvard University

Erik Owen is an altruistic, bilingual (English and Spanish), high achieving individual. He aims to pursue a career path in biology research, focusing on the molecular and chemical branches and even possibly culminating in an MD/PhD. He already has done some research at the Scripps Reserach Institute and wishes to continue in the future. Erik's other learning pursuits can be observed through his involvement in various organizations such as Academic League, Quiz Bowl, National History Bowl, and Science Olympiad for which he coaches Experimental Design. Outside of academics, Erik enjoys playing basketball with friends and playing and listening to music.

Ann Liu


Ann Liu is an aspiring biomedical researcher. Having taken drawing & painting classes and piano classes for eleven years, she also has a passion for art and music. Ann has been volunteering at summer and winter art camp for the past 4 years and loves to help children learn.

Vyha Do

UC Berkeley

Vyha Do actively participates in various organizations and events that give back to the community. As ASB Junior Class President, CSF Treasurer and Make-A-Wish Co-Vice President, she also volunteers at UCSD Thornton Hospital in her free time. Not only is she passionate about science, but she also loves fashion, which has inspired her to join the Westview Theater Technical Crew to practice costume design. Vyha hopes to change the world by pursuing a career in either biology or fashion.

Shaleen Sathe

Boston University 7 year medical program

Shaleen Sathe aspires to become an oncologist. Shaleen has a passion for art, music, and dance, as well as science. She also has accumulated hundreds of community service hours through Girl Scouts and by volunteering at such places as Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla. Shaleen is also an active member in many clubs at her school, including NFED, NHS, CSF, and Arthritis Awareness, and she is co-president of the Future Doctors of America club, through which she hopes to inspire other students who are also pursuing a medical career.